How Do You Remove Asbestos?

How Do You Remove Asbestos?

To remove asbestos-containing materials, seal the room, wear safety gear, and use a putty knife and hammer to loosen the nails holding the material in place. All asbestos should be handled and disposed of according to local laws and regulations.

  1. Prevent contamination

    To prevent the contamination of other rooms, seal vents, doorways and windows with thick plastic sheeting and duct tape. Seal the main entrance to the room with plastic sheeting and duct tape, and cut a slit in the center of the doorway to enter and exit the room. Gather your tools inside the room, and if possible, remain in the room from start to finish to avoid contamination

  2. Remove the asbestos

    Wear safety gear, including disposable coveralls, a respirator and eyes goggles. Apply water to the material before removing it to prevent asbestos particles from becoming airborne. To remove the material, insert a putty knife behind or under the tile or board, and hit the putty knife with a hammer to loosen the board. Do not break asbestos-containing materials, as this may release particles of the material into the air.

  3. Dispose of the asbestos

    Dispose of all asbestos-containing materials, including contaminated safety gear, according to local laws and regulations. Typically, the material must be secured in lidded containers and transported to an approved landfill.