How Do You Remove an Aluminum Frame Window Screen?

Window screens pop out of a window frame with a small amount of pressure applied from the inside of the home; screen doors may be held in place with screws at the top and bottom of the frame that need removing. It is also possible to remove and replace the aluminum screen in a window frame.

Screen windows and doors are an effective means for keeping insects out of the home and allowing air to flow freely. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove a screen, either to clean out a window or to replace the torn screen.

  1. Remove the window screen
  2. A window screen can usually be removed from the frame by applying pressure against the screen from the inside of the window. There may be small tabs or nails that are holding the screen in place on the outside that can be pulled out with a nail. Screen doors are usually held in place with small screws at the top and bottom of the frame or small sliding wheels on springs that can be depressed to pull it out.

  3. Remove the spline
  4. Use the tip of a utility knife to spear the narrow rubber gasket holding the screen in place on the aluminum frame. The gasket should be easy to pull up with the utility knife, as it is only held in place with pressure. Once all four splines are removed from all four sides of the screen, it is easy to lift away from the frame.

  5. Replace the screen
  6. Cut the replacement screen to the size of the frame. Use a spline roller to pin the screen in place on the frame. Use a small pair of scissors to trim the screen edges.