How Do You Remove Aluminum Chloride Stains?

Aluminum chloride is an active ingredient in antiperspirants. It causes the sweat glands to swell, preventing perspiration. However, it also causes difficult to remove stains on the underarms of clothes. Pre-wash treatments, including rinsing and ammonia soaks, can be used to reduce staining.

  1. Rinse in cold water

    Check your garments for stains as soon as you remove them. A quick response to aluminum chloride stains greatly improves the chances of removing them. Rinse any stains you find using cold water. Avoid using stain pre-treatment products, which often set the stain.

  2. Pre-soak with ammonia

    Household ammonia helps to neutralize the acidic nature of the stain on the clothing. Soaking in ammonia is safe for everyday clothes as well as delicate items, but it is important to follow the package instructions carefully.

  3. Follow the manufacturer's care label

    Once you have pre-soaked the garment in ammonia, wash it following the directions provided by the garment manufacturer. If the label specifies dry cleaning, do not attempt to remove the stain out on your own. Take the garment to the dry cleaner and point out the stain. Specialist cleaners have many methods of stain removal and will be able to take care of the problem.