How Do You Remove Algae From Swimming Pools?

To remove algae from swimming pools, scrub the algae off the pool's floor using a pool brush, and use a pool shock treatment to disintegrate the algae. Another method of removing algae from swimming pools is to use an algaecide chemical treatment.

To get rid of algae in swimming pools, first break up the algae using a pool brush so that it is easier to eliminate with chemicals. Use steel pool brushes for concrete pools and nylon pool brushes for vinyl pools. After scrubbing the pool, use a chlorine shock treatment such as In The Swim's pool shock solution.

Use 2 pounds of shock treatment for a pool that is 10,000 gallons or less, 4 pounds of shock treatment for a pool that is 20,000 gallons and 6 pounds of treatment for a 30,000 gallon pool. For pools with excess algae build-up, triple the amount of shock treatment. If the algae in the pool turns a blackish-green color, you may need to quadruple the shock treatment to get rid of it.

Never pour water into the chemical shock treatment; add the chemical treatment to the water. Prepare the shock treatment in a separate container or basin before adding it directly to the pool. This ensures thorough mixing of the solution so that it reaches the entire pool instead of just settling at the bottom.