How Do You Remove Adhesive Strips on Metal?


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Removing adhesive strips from metal can be accomplished using a household solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, ammonia or mineral oil and a rag. Soak the solvent in the rag, and use the rag to moisten the adhesive strips until they slide off of the metal surface.

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  1. Choose the solvent

    Select a household cleaning agent to use as a solvent. A mild oil, such as baby oil, mineral oil or castor oil, is also suitable.

  2. Soak a rag in the solvent

    Soak a small rag that's about the size of a dish rag in the removal agent/solvent. An old, ripped T-shirt can be used as well.

  3. Soak the adhesive strips with the rag

    Soak the affected area with the moistened rag. Let the rag sit for at least an hour.

  4. Rub off the remaining adhesive

    Remove the rag from the metal surface, and the adhesive strips should easily slide off. Rub off any remaining adhesive with the rag or a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.

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