How Does a Remote Home Temperature Control Thermostat Work?


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A remote home temperature control thermostat works by connecting to a phone line and allowing users to access the thermostat settings from anywhere with a phone connection. Many systems also send alerts to users if the monitor setup detects temperatures outside of safe or expected ranges.

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A parallel-wired thermostat acts as a trigger for the heating system or cooling unit of the home, enabling quick and easy activation of these units as needed. This thermostat works with a monitoring setup in the home to track settings and update information as needed, and the monitor connects directly with a phone line to allow remote access to the settings. Users can simply call their home telephone from any phone network to access the system. Many systems use simple voice prompts to allow users to adjust the thermostat to warm up a home on their return home or turn down the heat when they plan to be away for a few days.

More advanced systems include sensors that interface with home security systems for even greater versatility and control. Remote home temperature control thermostat systems can also alert users to events, such as power failures. Heat detectors in some systems can also sound alarms and send alerts if smoke detectors fail.

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