How Do You Remodel Older Mobile Homes?


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To remodel an older mobile home, determine whether structural problems are present, such as rust, and repair those problems first. If desired, install new windows, or change the location of existing windows. Then, replace the interior walls, ceilings and flooring with modern materials, such as hardwood flooring. Install detail items, such as new kitchen countertops, to update the appearance of the home. Paint the exterior of the home, and remodel the porch.

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When replacing the walls and ceiling, install new insulation to improve the energy efficiency of the home. Before replacing walls and floors, remove outdated pieces, such as built-in desks, to open the room and modernize the space. To remodel on a budget, paint, wallpaper or spray premade texture onto existing walls if they are in good condition.

Remove outdated trim, and fill in the gaps left behind with caulking. Cover unwanted doorways drywall before painting the room. Paint cabinets made from vinyl-covered particleboard with binding primer and interior paint to avoid replacing them.

Paint the exterior of the home after pressure washing the aluminum exterior. If desired, build a deck or porch to match the overall style of the home. To finish the remodel, add trim, baseboards and modern accents, such as an updated bathroom mirror or new faucets.

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