How Do You Remodel a Kitchen Affordably?

To remodel a kitchen affordably, clean your kitchen, paint your cabinets, replace door knobs and pulls, update your appliances and counter tops, and add or change light fixtures. Keep the features of your kitchen that you love, and improve the dated or worn elements.

  1. Clean your kitchen

    A clean kitchen looks newer and brighter, and cleaning is necessary before painting any surface. Wipe down counter tops, walls and cabinets, inside and out. Scrub all of the appliances, moving them away from the wall to clean behind and underneath them. Dust light fixtures, tops of cabinets and the ceiling.

  2. Update your cabinets

    Paint your kitchen cabinets for a simple, but dramatic change. Consider removing the doors, and painting or wallpapering the interior. You can also use a jigsaw to cut out the center panel of each cabinet door, and replace it with glass or wire mesh. For another inexpensive upgrade, replace doorknobs and pulls.

  3. Paint appliances and counter tops

    Replacing appliances and counter tops is expensive, so upgrade them with a new coat of paint. For appliances, apply specially formulated appliance spray paint. Counter tops can also be painted to simulate stone.

  4. Add or change light fixtures

    Update light fixtures to create a new look. If your kitchen does not have a lot of natural light, consider adding more light fixtures. Place lights under cabinets and in work areas.