How Do You Remodel a Bathroom Using a Shower Cubicle?

How Do You Remodel a Bathroom Using a Shower Cubicle?

Homeowners can remodel a bathroom with a shower cubicle by gathering inspiration, determining the budget and scope of work, measuring the space, creating a detailed plan, choosing the shower pan style and performing the work, notes Homeowners can perform a full bathroom remodel by relocating the shower and moving plumbing, or they can remove an existing tub and install a shower cubicle in its place.

To remodel a bathroom with a shower cubicle, follow the steps below.

  1. View design ideas
  2. Before beginning the remodel process, view shower design ideas, such as the ones available through, to determine preferences for size, style and finishing options.

  3. Determine the scope
  4. Determine the budget and scope of the work before beginning construction. Leaving the same bathroom layout and simply removing the bathtub and replacing it with a shower cubicle will likely cost less and be easier to accomplish than a complete remodel because the plumbing will likely remain in place, states

  5. Measure
  6. Take detailed measurements of all elements of the bathroom and create a plan for all elements, including the new shower, toilet and sink. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends a 36-inch by 36-inch stall for showers, and other important elements to consider include the ceiling height, shower door swing radius and the toilet's distance from the shower and other walls.

  7. Choose the cubicle style
  8. Shower pans are available with or without curbs, and each style has its own set of pros and cons. Choose a pan that meets the desired design, measurements and cost for the project.

  9. Remodel
  10. Remove the existing elements, inspect the framing and subfloor for potential issues and follow installation instructions to install the new shower cubicle. Consult a professional plumber or contractor with questions or concerns.