How Do You Remodel Basement Stairs?

How Do You Remodel Basement Stairs?

Homeowners can remodel old basement stairs by making some repairs with a hammer, nails, construction adhesive and a masonry drill. After repairs are made they can give the stairs a fresh look with some stain and varnish.

Before starting on the remodeling project, make sure to put on safety goggles, gloves and hearing protection, if working with a power saw. Follow the steps below to remodel and refresh a basement staircase.

  1. Repair damaged stairs
  2. Examine the pre-existing stairs and replace broken tread or risers. If the posts supporting the stairs are rotted or gone, cut new posts to replace them. Glue the posts in place with construction adhesive and secure the bottom of the posts into the concrete with a masonry drill. Nail loose treads back down to their risers.

  3. Sand the stairs
  4. Remove any old stain, paint and scratches by sanding the stairs with medium-grit sandpaper. Go back over the stairs again with medium- to fine-grit sand paper. Sand again with a fine-grit paper. The entire staircase should be bare wood.

  5. Stain the stairs
  6. Apply a stain to the stairs starting from the bottom up with a bristle or sponge brush or cloth. Allow the stain to set according to manufacturer's directions. Apply a second coat of stain if needed. Allow it to set. Wipe away any unabsorbed stain with a clean cloth. Allow the stain to dry completely.

  7. Finish the stairs
  8. Sand the stairs lightly with a fine grit sandpaper and remove all dust. Apply a coat of varnish with a clean brush. Allow it to dry. Sand the stairs again with fine-grit sandpaper and remove the dust. Apply a second coat of varnish and allow it to dry overnight before using the remodeled stairs.