What Are Remington Space Heaters?


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Remington space heaters are generally designed for use in garages or sheds. Heater types include gas, kerosene and oil-fired models as well as traditional electric element heaters. Some models are designed to mount to ceiling beams, keeping them out of the way of work projects.

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Remington's kerosene and oil-fired heaters contain an integral fuel tank that is refillable between heating sessions. The gas-fired models use liquid propane cylinders that can be connected to the unit via an extension hose. Electric models require a connection to a 240- or 208-volt power supply due to the demands of the heating elements.

Gas, oil or kerosene heaters should never be used in enclosed spaces. Incomplete combustion of fossil fuels can produce a variety of toxic gases, including carbon monoxide. These gases can displace oxygen, leading to suffocation and death. Remington recommends keeping a ventilation hole of at least 3 square feet in any structure containing combustion heaters to maintain proper air exchange and to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. A carbon monoxide detector should also be installed.

Since Remington space heaters put out as much as 70,000 British thermal units of heat, any combustibles should be kept more than 4 feet away from the sides and back of the units, and at least 10 feet away from the front of the heating elements.

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