How Do You Remember to Put the Garbage Out on the Scheduled Pick-up Day?


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Residents can use a variety of memory tricks to remember to put the garbage out, including cellphone alerts, whiteboard chore schedules, sticky-note reminders and sharing the responsibility with family members or roommates. Creative options like decorating the garbage can in an attention-grabbing manner also help remind forgetful people to put out the garbage.

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How Do You Remember to Put the Garbage Out on the Scheduled Pick-up Day?
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Modern technology offers memory solutions in the form of cellphone apps and computer calendars. Users can set features like these to post ongoing reminder alerts the evenings before trash pickup. Those who do not wish to depend on technology for reminders can note the trash schedule on a highly-visible whiteboard or bulletin board located in a central area of the home. Sticky notes left in conspicuous areas also serve as eye-catching reminders.

Another solution involves delegating the chore to another resident who is more likely to remember the schedule, or asking a friend or family member with a sharp memory to call with a weekly reminder. More creative solutions include painting the garbage can in a conspicuous color or attaching a large reminder such as a "Take me out on Friday!" sign. This can also be done to an interior trash can located in the kitchen or another high-traffic room in the home.

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