What Is a Remedy for Static Cling on Clothes?


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Some methods to discharge static cling include water, baby powder, dryer sheets and taking steps to eliminate the static when washing clothes. Static cling is caused when clothing picks up an electric charge.

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Clothing picks up a static charge when it rubs against another cloth, especially when natural and synthetic fabrics take a ride in the dryer together. It is preventable by adding a good fabric softener or dryer sheet to the laundry or by drying natural fibers and synthetic fibers separately.

Dryer sheets rubbed over static-charged clothing eliminate the electrical charge at least temporarily. Another quick fix involves rubbing a little lotion over tights or bare skin. Sprinkling or misting water over the statically charged area also helps. A sprinkle of baby powder on the skin before clothing is put on is a great solution for summer days. Commercial sprays to eliminate static are also available in large and travel sizes.

People should avoid wearing synthetic and natural fibers if they're going to rub against one another. For example, nylon pantyhose are likely to pick up a charge from a cotton or especially a woolen skirt. If the pairing can't be avoided, insulation against the static charge is provided by wearing a silky polyester slip.

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