How Reliable Is a Trane Heat Pump?

How Reliable Is a Trane Heat Pump?

Trane heat pumps are often considered reliable because they feature energy-efficient components, humidity control and heating and cooling packaged units ideal for temperature control in Southern states. The efficient heat pump systems by Trane save consumers more than 60 percent to operate, as of 2015.

Many consumers consider Trane products reliable because the company is a worldwide leader in providing residential heating and cooling systems. More than 10,000 dealers sell Trane products worldwide, as of 2015.

Air cleaning technology is also an indicator of reliability within Trane heat pumps and products. Trane uses the American Standard AccuClean filtration system that is deemed 100 times more effective than standard one-inch filters. The company estimates that a homeowner buys a Trane air conditioning or heating system every minute of the day in North America.

Trane employs more than 7,600 service technicians and sales engineers worldwide, and the company has more than 680 LEED accredited professionals on staff. The company has approximately 400 locations in more than 100 countries, including 29 manufacturing plants.

Trane systems are designed to use less energy while creating free hot water. Heat pumps, air conditioners and heating systems are engineered as user friendly, providing better ventilation and humidity control as well as desired temperatures for residential and commercial buildings.