What Are Some Reliable Steam Irons?

What Are Some Reliable Steam Irons?

Reliable steam iron brands include Rowenta, Black and Decker, Sunbeam and Singer. Factors to consider when buying a steam iron include steaming rate, ironing quality and features.

The Rowenta DW5080 is easy to use and provides sufficient volumes of steam for quick and effective ironing, according to BestReviews. The model is highly rated for its competitive steaming rate, ironing quality and feature set. The downside of the Rowenta DW5080 is that it costs more than many steam irons on the market.

The Black and Decker D2030 is a good option for people looking for a steam iron on a budget. The unit heats up quickly, saving time when ironing. Some users complain that the D2030 leaks when on steam mode.

The Sunbeam GCSBSP-201 offers good value for the money and may be a good alternative to the Black and Decker D2030 for budget-conscious shoppers. It offers the same quality and ironing power as other more expensive steam irons. The downside is the unit takes a little longer to get hot compared to other steam irons.

The Singer Expert Finish 1700W heats up faster than all other models and is good for people who want to cut their ironing time. The product features an LCD display that indicates whether the settings are appropriate for the fabric. Some users note that the Sunbeam GCSBSP-201 leaks if the reservoir is overfilled.