How Reliable Is the Maytag Quiet Series 300 Dishwasher?

Consumers have reported significant numbers of problems with Maytag Quiet Series 300 dishwashers, according to consumer complaint website ConsumerAffairs, suggesting that this dishwasher has a low reliability. Most complaints revolve around the touchpad-based control system of the dishwasher failing.

The Maytag Quiet Series 300 dishwasher's touchpad control system has been the primary source of complaints regarding this model, with failure of this part typically rendering the dishwasher unable to start any of its wash cycles. Failures related to the touchpad have been reported as caused by problems with the touchpad itself or due to failures of other components, including the dishwasher's control board and the ribbon cable that connects the touchpad to the circuit board itself. In some cases, these ribbon cables were found to be burnt or discolored upon inspection.

Many Maytag dishwasher models were recalled in 2010 due to a potential fire hazard, including some of the Quiet Series 300 models. The fire hazard is due to electrical failures in the dishwasher's heating element. Many owners of this dishwasher speculated that overheating related to this electrical issue accounted for some or even most of the touchpad failures that occur on the Maytag Quiet Series 300, but many owners have reported repeated touchpad failures even after the recall repair took place.