What Reliable Company Will Remove Your Old Furnace and Replace It With a New Model?


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Examples of companies that remove old furnaces and replace them with new ones include the Energy Co-op of Vermont, Harp Service Company and Herrmann Services, as of 2015. In addition to furnace replacement, these companies employ technicians that can examine the old furnace, and salvage or repair it, if possible.

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The Energy Co-op of Vermont company offers its services as a way to invest in the future. The company claims that since older heaters are not as energy-efficient as the state-of-the-art models, as of 2015, they consume more power and cost more money to maintain. The upfront cost of replacing the old heater is offset by the energy and money saved by the more modern system. The company also offers an option to convert the heating system using equipment that relies on natural gas.

Hermann Services recommends replacing an old furnace if it’s past the average lifespan of furnaces, which ranges between 16 and 20 years. The inefficiency of older furnaces is typically reflected in rising electric or gas bills. The company has multiple highly trained technicians that provide upfront pricing for their services.

The Harp Service Company offers replacement services in addition to providing advice to its customers regarding the best way to deal with the old furnace, as of 2015. If it cannot be repaired or restored to a high-functioning level, the technicians determine the best available replacement option based on the home and proceed with the installation.

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