How Do You Relevel a Mobile Home?

The steps to relevel a mobile home begin with removing the bottom siding and loosening the tie-downs, and then crawling underneath to check the evenness with a level at the center of the beam. Position a jack under the portion of the trailer that is uneven, and place a piece of wood underneath the jack for support. Raise the jack until the bubble of the level is in the center.

The evenness of the beam should also be checked from center to end. The level should be placed near the supports. When propping up the uneven portion of the mobile home, a small space appears between the beam's support and the actual beam once the bubble is in the center. Shims need to be placed between the beam and support. Use a hammer to get the shims into place, if necessary. Lower the jack so the beam rests on the shims, and check the level for evenness. Use the level along the rest of the beam to ensure that the bubble remains in the center. Check for plumbing issues that may arise from leveling as well. Once finished, tighten the strapping and place the skirting around the trailer.

Wear protective goggles and gloves when working under the trailer. Ensure that someone else is nearby as a safety precaution. Common signs of an uneven mobile home are doors and windows that do not close properly. This often happens when the beam has become uneven due to a change in the soil.