What Is the Relevance of Panel Kit in Repairing GE Microwave Control Panel?


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A General Electric microwave panel kit is not relevant to repairing a control panel because the panel kit is only designed to be a piece of cosmetic equipment. Repairing a microwave control panel involves removing and fixing or replacing the panel's components.

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A GE microwave panel kit is a piece of equipment designed to fill in space when replacing a range hood; it is used to create a customized, integrated appearance when installing an over-the-range microwave oven. A panel kit is used to build directly into the wall, and it allows for the installation of a microwave where a 36- or 42-inch range hood is removed. Panel kits are available in black or white, and each contains two three-inch panels. A 42-inch range requires two kits.

To repair the control panel of a microwave oven, the entire assembly must be analyzed and then fixed. The assembly includes the display, the circuit board and the keypad. Certain GE models with touch screens require a new control panel subassembly because GE does not provide service information or separate parts for these. In cases where the keypad and display are functional, but problems with lights or a fan occur, repairs to the circuit board may be possible.

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