How Do You Rekey a Weiser Lock?

To rekey your Weiser lock, insert the functioning key, and turn the key clockwise 1/4 of the way around. Put the SmartKey learn tool in, remove it, take out the functioning key, put the functioning key in the lock, and turn 1/4 counter clockwise. You can then remove the functioning key, and the process of rekeying your lock is complete.

  1. Insert the functioning key.

    Put the functioning key into the lock as you would insert any other key.

  2. Turn the key 1/4 clockwise

    Turn the key clockwise until it is perpendicular to its original position. To ensure that the SmartKey learn tool functions properly, be as precise as possible in your positioning of the functioning key.

  3. Put in the SmartKey learn tool and take it out

    Be sure to insert the key all the way before removing it. Attempting to complete this step without doing so will result in a failure of the rekeying process.

  4. Replace the functioning key and turn it

    Put the functioning key back in and turn the lock clockwise so that it is back in its original position. Then remove the functioning key. If you have executed all of the steps properly, your lock will be rekeyed.