How Do You Register a GE Product?

How Do You Register a GE Product?

General Electric recommends that customers register their products online. Registration lets the company known the name of the purchaser, their contact information and which model of product was purchased.

Product registration is a process where product owners let the manufacturer know that they now own a product made by the company. Registration is often suggested by companies like GE to make it easier for customers to get a new product or have repairs made on warranty. It is not required, as a purchase receipt is often proof enough to take advantage of the product's warranty. However, registration is convenient and means that owners don't have to keep receipts for years after purchase. Registering a product with GE also makes it easier for them to get in touch with owners in case of product recalls.

  1. Go online
  2. Head to the GE website product registration page. There are two pages, one for major appliances and one for small appliances and housewares. Major appliances, include refrigerators, oven and washer and dryers. Small appliances, include skillets, vacuums and toaster ovens.

  3. Provide product information
  4. On the website form, fill in the product information. Customers need the model number, serial number and installation date.

  5. Provide contact information
  6. Customers must fill in their contact information too. They need to provide name, address, phone number and email address. Once the register button is clicked, the product should be registered with GE.