How Do You Refurbish Old Wood-Fueled Cook Stoves?


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Refurbish and restore an old wood-fueled cook stove by removing and rejuvenating the metal trim, cleaning the isinglass windows, removing the rust and polishing and repainting the oven. Trim and isinglass windows that are damaged need to be re-plated or replaced.

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Refurbish an old wood-fueled cook stove by first removing and cleaning the nickel, brass or copper trim with steel wool and polish. If the bolts are difficult to remove or rusted into place, pry them off with a hammer and chisel. Scrub the trim with steel wool and polish until it shines. Next, check out the isinglass windows and frames to see if they are damaged and need to be replaced. If not, clean them.

The third step is to remove the rust from the stove by using a sandblaster with carborundum crystals or a rotary wire brush. Another option is to give the stove a heated chemical bath to remove the rust. Finally, polish the rust-free stove with polish and a cloth, and paint the inside of the oven with stainless steel paint. The outside of the stove can be painted as well or merely buffed with stove polish and a toothbrush. Finish by reattaching the trim and windows.

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