How Do You Refurbish Laundry Room Cabinets?


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Refurbish a wood laundry room cabinet by applying wood filler to cracks, sanding the cabinet, priming the wood, and then applying paint or stain to the cabinet. Refurbish a metal laundry room cabinet by stripping off the old finish, sanding the cabinet, and then staining or painting it. Change out the cabinet’s hardware if desired.

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To refurbish a wooden cabinet, remove the doors and drawer facings, and create labels showing where each goes when you finish the refurbishment. Remove the hardware from the doors and drawers, and use wood filler or putty to fill in any cracks, chips or dents, allowing the filler or putty to harden and dry for a few hours or longer. When dried completely, sand the putty or filler until the surface is smooth.

Sand the entire drawer front or cabinet door to remove old paint, gloss or polyurethane, and then wipe down the surface, removing any dust. Prime the wood with primer, and then add a coat of paint or varnish as desired.

To refurbish metal cabinets, use a chemical stripper to remove any existing finish material, following the directions on the product and wearing protective gear as recommended. Sand the finish to smooth the surface, and then apply a rust-proof primer. After the primer dries, add paint or stain as desired.

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