How Are Refrigerators Made?


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Refrigerators are made in manufacturing facilities with sheet metal, plastic and fiber glass as raw materials. The major components include the outer and inner cabinets, the cooling unit and accessories, such as ice trays, shelves and bins. All these parts are welded together to form a refrigerator.

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The outer cabinet is made first, by a process called clinching. In this process, steel or aluminum sheet metal is fused together under high pressure. The unit is then plunged into a dying mixture or a colorant and baked to retain the color. Usually, the inner cabinet is made with the same material as the outer cabinet. Most refrigerators have plastic interiors. A long piece of plastic material is heated and poured into specific molds with the correct grooves and recesses. Once the plastic takes the shape of the inner cabinet, it is removed from the mold and cooled.

The outer cabinet is then connected to the inner cabinet. Insulated material is stuffed between the two cabinets. The cooling system duo of evaporator and condenser with the refrigerant and pipes are attached to the outer back panel of the refrigerator. The refrigerator door, made of the same material as the cabinet, is hinged and a gasket is used to seal the connection. Door handles are attached. The accessories are finally assembled together inside the refrigerator.

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