What Is a Refrigerator Wrap?


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A refrigerator wrap is a magnetic or sticker-based skin that is used to decorate the appliance. Refrigerators generally take up a large amount of space in a kitchen, and refrigerator wraps are a means of turning that space into a functional or visually appealing piece.

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As of 2015, there are at least two online retailers of refrigerator wraps, including Fridge Fronts and Appliance Art. Both offer a wide selection of graphics that can be applied to the doors and sides of refrigerators of any style, whether the appliance is configured as a top freezer, bottom freezer, side by side or French door.

Fridge Fronts offers over 11 million graphics options to decorate a refrigerator, from categories such as animals, art, solid colors, landscapes, stainless steel and wood designs. The magnetic backing and sticker wrapper of these wraps are easy to cut with a pair of scissors, making them easily customizable to the hinge and drawer or door handle of a specific model. The website also features similar dishwasher covers.

Appliance Art offers many of the same styles of magnetic refrigerator wraps as Fridge Fronts. It also features cheaper vinyl stickers that can be used once. In addition, the online retailer offers countertop stickers designed to simulate the look of granite slabs.

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