What Are Some Refrigerator Sizes for Use Cases Other Than Kitchens?


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A typical mini refrigerator for use in an office or dormitory room has 3.5 cubic feet of space and stands between 2 and 3 feet high, and about 18 inches across and deep. It's big enough to store the basics for survival, but not big enough to support a kitchen.

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Some people like to add a beverage-only refrigerator to their media room or their garage. Such units as the EdgeStar 84-can beverage cooler stand just over 2 feet high with a width and depth of about 18 inches. These are designed to be much less bulky than a standard kitchen refrigerator, while offering the convenience of drinks at hand without having to make the trek to the kitchen.

Whether the idea is a mini refrigerator or one focused just on holding beverage cans, measuring the available area for the fridge and considering whether the fridge should also hold some basic food items and other things that aren't can-shaped is part of deciding. Adding a second full-size refrigerator, particularly in a garage, often uses up so much electricity that the effects on the power bill are significant. A lot of the full-size refrigerators that people use in these situations are older, and therefore less energy-efficient, so they tend to end up costing more than the enjoyment is worth.

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