How Do You Find a Refrigerator's Dimensions?


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Refrigerator dimensions are usually listed within manufacturer and retailer product descriptions, toward the front of the product manual, on any specification sheet and on the appliance box itself. When shopping in a retail store, individuals can usually find dimensions on placards placed on or in front of display models.

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The reason refrigerator dimensions are important is because they determine whether the appliance fits in a certain space and how much food the unit can hold. Interior dimensions, usually listed in cubic feet, give consumers an idea of how much food can fit inside a refrigerator. A bag of groceries is about 1 cubic foot, says Lowe's Home Improvement.

The exterior dimensions are usually provided in feet and inches and cover height, width and depth. Homeowners shopping for refrigerators should measure the space intended for the refrigerator before browsing models and options, as different dimensions allow for different types of appliances. Homeowners can measure from the floor to the ceiling or top of the installation area; they should also measure the width and depth of the space. Buying a refrigerator that exactly matches the space dimensions makes for a tight or impossible fit and doesn't leave room for the appliance to vent and cool. Consumers should look for refrigerators with dimensions that are slightly less than those of the intended space.

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