How Is a Refrigerator Opening's Size Measured?


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When measuring for a refrigerator door opening, homeowners measure from the back of the refrigerator, including enough space in the back for air circulation around the coil. Homeowners then measure with the refrigerator door opened a minimum of 90 degrees and measure to the outer edge of the door.

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How Is a Refrigerator Opening's Size Measured?
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Homeowners should always measure with the widest door open if there is more than one door on the refrigerator. They need to allow a minimum of 2 inches on the side of the farthest point of the hinge on the refrigerator door to allow for the door to open freely.

When measuring, they should allow space for doors to open without hitting cabinets, cupboards, counters, kitchen islands, tables or other structures nearby. Refrigerators doors are usually preset to open to 130 degrees, if space allows.

If the refrigerator has a slide-out door in the front, owners should measure clearance with the drawer pulled all the way out. They then measure from the back of the refrigerator including coil clearance to the outermost edge of the drawer, allowing for access space in the front of the refrigerator.

Homeowners need to measure clearance on both sides of the refrigerator in case the doors have to be switched at some point from one side to the other.

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