Why Is My Refrigerator Leaking Water?

Leaks from the refrigerator often occur due to a broken drain pan. During the defrost cycle, water drains to this pan, and the fan and warm air from the condenser coils cause it to evaporate away. However, if the pan breaks, the water leaks onto the floor. Other potential sources of leaks are a door that doesn't seal or a water line to the ice maker.

A properly sealing door minimizes the amount of humidity that condenses inside the refrigerator. When the moisture condenses, it drips to the bottom of the unit and sometimes overflows onto the floor. Rearranging food to allow the door to close correctly is often the only action required to solve the problem. If the seal has worn, so the door no longer closes correctly, replacement is necessary.

If a water line or filter that serves the ice maker and water dispenser is leaking, the water drains to the floor. The connections to these lines become loose over time. Kinked or stretched plastic lines are also potential sources of the leak. Usually, the leaks cause water drops to form on the leaking line. It is possible to fix these leaks by tightening the connection or replacing the damaged part.