Why Does My Refrigerator Create Water That Pools Under the Crispers?


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A blocked drain line or a full drain pan can cause water to pool under the crisper drawers. An improperly sealed freezer or refrigerator door can also cause water accumulation inside the refrigerator.

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To reduce water accumulation inside the refrigerator, clean the drain pan that is located under the refrigerator regularly, and examine the defrost drain line. The defrost drain line is typically located behind the refrigerator's back panel. Unplug the refrigerator, remove the panel, and examine the line for ice or other debris. If the line is frozen, store food in a cooler and leave the refrigerator unplugged until the line thaws.

When the refrigerator or freezer door doesn't seal properly, too much warm air is allowed inside the refrigerator, which leads to excess moisture. The door may fail to seal as a result of damaged hinges or a failed seal. Examine the hinges and door seals on both the freezer and refrigerator doors, and replace the hinges if they appear bent or damaged.

To determine whether the door seals are functioning properly, place a dollar bill between the door and the refrigerator, shut the refrigerator door on the dollar bill, and attempt to remove the dollar bill. If the dollar slides out easily, the seal on the refrigerator isn't functioning properly and must be replaced.

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