What Is a Refrigerant Charging Chart Used For?


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A refrigerant charging chart tells an air conditioner or cooling system technician the proper amount of coolant to charge into the appliance for it to operate properly. Refrigerant cooling charts also prevent unnecessary or excess amounts of coolant from causing damage to the appliance.

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Charging a cooling appliance such as an HVAC cooling system or refrigerator refers to the process of replenishing the gases or liquid refrigerants that produce cool air and allow the appliance to function efficiently. These fluids may leak or degrade over time, causing the unit to no longer function as it should. Using appliances without the proper amount of coolant causes them to run harder and longer, causes ice blockages on condensers, and shortens the appliances' lifespan. The proper amount of charging material is necessary to ensure the appliance operates properly without overburdening it and avoid damage to or destruction of the compressor motor caused by excess liquid coolant.

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