How Do You Refinish a Wood-Stained Fiberglass Entry Door?


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To refinish a wood-stained fiberglass entry door, remove the door, strip the old finish, and replace it with a new stain, sealed with clear spar lacquer. Refinishing can take over 24 hours to complete.

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  1. Remove the door

    Remove the door from the entryway by unscrewing it from the hinges holding it in place. Set aside the screws for reuse. Place the door onto a pair of padded sawhorses with the exterior of the door facing upward. Remove all of the door attachments, such as the door knocker and doorknob. Place a drop cloth beneath the sawhorses if working indoors.

  2. Strip the old finish

    Mask off areas of the door that are not to be refinished with painter's tape. Apply a stripping agent suitable for use on fiberglass onto the door. Allow the agent to sit, per the manufacturer's recommendations. Use steel or copper wool to strip the finish or paint; scrubbing in a circular motion to prevent scratches. Switch to a stiff bristle brush to access recessed areas. Sand the door with increasingly finer grades of sandpaper to remove the stain from the fiberglass, and then wipe the door clean with a wet cloth.

  3. Stain the door

    Using a clean, dry cloth, blot the door with the stain to apply the new color. Distribute the stain evenly to achieve a smooth, consistent finish, wiping in the direction of the grain. Remove any excess stain with the cloth. Allow the door to dry for 24-hours to properly absorb the stain.

  4. Finish the door

    Brush three layers of clear spar lacquer over the newly stained door to protect it from the elements. Allow each layer to dry completely before applying another coat of lacquer. Once dry, reattach the door hardware and hinges, and reinstall the door in the entryway. Remove the painter's tape.

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