How Do You Refinish a Shuffleboard Table?

How Do You Refinish a Shuffleboard Table?

It is important to determine the kind of finish on the given shuffleboard before attempting to refurbish it. Some finishes do not bond well to one another and will ruin the table when applied together, so for best results, sand the old finish off and ensure the remaining surface is completely flat.Then, refinish the table with a commercial product, being sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  1. Sand the table

    It is difficult to refinish small portions of a shuffleboard table. Instead, begin by sanding off the old finish from the entire table. This will ensure that the level of the table stays consistent throughout the refinishing process. Use an oscillating sander fitted with fine-grit sandpaper to begin stripping the old finish.

  2. Remove the old finish until the playing surface is flat

    Depending on the condition of the shuffleboard table, the old finish may have to be removed all the way down to the wood. If this is the case, then the table's game markings will be removed. The markings can be restored using any material that is compatible with the table's finish material. If this marking material is not compatible, it will cause the finish to lift away and peel from the table, which will ruin the playing surface.

  3. Refinish the table

    Once the playing surface of the table has been leveled, begin applying the new finish material. Apply the first coat of material by following the manufacturer's directions. Wait for the finish to dry, then gently go once over the fresh finish with the sander before applying the second coat of finish. Continue this process until the table is satisfactorily refinished.