How Do You Refinish Pine Plank Floors?


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To refinish pine floors, sand the floors with a floor sander and apply stain or oil-based sealant and a water-based urethane topcoat to the floors. It is often necessary to sand some sections of the floor by hand.

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Remove all furnishings, and close off adjoining areas to prepare to sand the floor. This Old House recommends renting a disk sander, rather than a drum sander, that is fitted with #80 sandpaper. Sand the floors again using #150 sandpaper, and then one last time using #220 sandpaper. When using a belt sander, keep the sander in motion at all times to avoid damaging the floor. Corners may need to be sanded by hand. Vacuum up dust after sanding, and buff the floor to prepare for sealant or stain.

Stain the floor, if desired, using a soft cloth. Work in small sections, and wipe excess stain away after 10 minutes. Allow the stain 24 hours to dry before applying a second coat. Heart Pine recommends using an oil-based sealer, rather than stain, to enhance the natural color of pine. To apply sealant, brush the sealant on by hand and allow 24 hours to dry, then apply a second coat of the sealant.

After applying stain or sealant, Heart Pine recommends applying two coats of water-based urethane. To apply water-based urethane, brush the urethane onto the floor in thin layers and allow it to dry for 24 hours before applying a second coat.

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