How Do You Refinish Pine Floors?


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To refinish pine floors, countersink any nails present in the floor, sand the floor carefully, apply a conditioner, and stain the floor with a color appropriate for the pine. Cover the floor with a protective oil-based polyurethane.

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  1. Research the condition of the pine floor

    Determine the thickness and hardness of the pine boards. Pine ranges from almost as hard as oak to quite soft, and different varieties must be treated differently. Be sure the pine is thick enough to withstand sanding.

  2. Countersink all nails

    Locate every nail present in the floor. Countersink each nail into the floor so the sander is not damaged in the process of sanding.

  3. Select the correct grit of sandpaper

    Every level of pine hardness requires a different grit of sandpaper. Select a grit that sands sufficiently the floor without damaging it.

  4. Sand evenly and smoothly

    Work the sander smoothly and evenly over the entire floor, being careful not to cause any damage. Keep in mind that pine is soft and can easily be damaged with sanding.

  5. Choose an appropriate color of stain

    Select the color of stain carefully, taking into consideration the red and gold undertones in pine's natural color. Avoid dark colors if possible, as they often cause the grain in pine to look orange. Be aware that color swatches in the store may not be accurate, as pine stains very differently than oak.

  6. Condition the floor

    Apply a floor conditioner to open the pores, and prepare the surface to receive the stain. Be sure to follow the instructions regarding the application and drying processes.

  7. Apply the stain

    Apply the stain to the conditioned pine floor as instructed. You may have to apply multiple coats to reach the desired color.

  8. Apply polyurethane

    After staining the floor, apply three coats of an oil-based polyurethane to protect the soft pine.

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