How Do You Refinish Particle Board?

How Do You Refinish Particle Board?

Manufacturers use particleboard in inexpensive furniture and cabinets. It is not real wood, but accepts paint well with proper preparation, giving the piece new life.

  1. Remove any doors from cabinets

    When you refinish any type of cabinet, you get better results by removing doors and hardware before proceeding. Remove drawers from desks, cabinets and other furniture.

  2. Protect the work area

    Put down drop cloths, and tape any surfaces where you do not want paint drips.

  3. Clean any grease

    Use a quality, grease-removing dishwasher detergent in water. Wet a rag, and wring it almost dry. Scrub the surfaces that you plan to paint.

  4. Sand the laminate

    The laminate finish on these pieces is too slick for other paint to stick. Use 100-grit sandpaper and a hand sander to remove it.

  5. Wipe with a tack cloth

    Any dust left from sanding causes a rough finish for the primer. Remove the dust before you prime.

  6. Apply an oil primer

    Using this kind of primer allows you to paint with any paint you choose and have good results. Apply the primer with a disposable brush, eliminating the cleanup. Allow the primer to dry per the manufacturer's directions.

  7. Begin painting

    The particle board is ready to accept your favorite color and type of paint. Apply two coats, using a brush for larger flat surfaces, and a foam brush for hard-to-reach corners.