How Do You Refinish a Parquet Floor?


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Refinishing a parquet floor is a multi-part job that requires sanding, correcting imperfections in the flooring, applying the new stain and buffing the finish. Prior to beginning the job, check to see if there are any loose boards that need to be re-glued.

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To minimize the risk of scratches that detract from the parquet's decorative pattern, avoid sanding against the grain. Orbital or oscillating sanders are good choices for the job. Since parquet floor is thin, use the finest grit that effectively removes the old finish and roughs up the wood to receive the new stain. Be careful not to sand too aggressively since this can damage the surface of the tiles.

After sanding the floor, use filler to correct any imperfections in the wood that have been exposed. Buff the floor to create a smooth, level surface. Hand-scrape the corners of the room to ensure they receive stain properly.

Once the floor is ready to be stained, mix a stain color that matches the floor coloring in adjoining rooms. Apply the stain by hand, moving in the direction of the grain. Lightly sand or buff the floor after the first coat dries. Continue applying coats of finish, followed by light sanding, until you achieve the desired look.

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