How Do You Refinish Old Buffet Furniture?


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To refinish old buffet furniture, coat the furniture surface with paint stripper, remove the paint using scrapping tools, coat the furniture with some finish stripper, and remove the old finish using a piece of steel wool. Leave the furniture to dry, sand its surface until it becomes completely smooth, and remove the dust. Stain the buffet, remove the excess stain, and cover the buffet with the topcoat. Sand the buffet, and install new hardware on it.

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Before starting to work on the furniture, select a suitable work area. The workspace has to be well-ventilated, as the task involves toxic chemicals. Avoid working in the house, including the basement area. A suitable place would be a garage, a work shed or some place outside. Make sure to cover a part of the floor with a large drop cloth, and set up the workspace there. Always use protective tools, such as safety goggles, an apron, gloves and a ventilator, when working with toxic chemicals.

Before starting to refinish the furniture, make sure that it is made of sturdy wood, doesn't have too many coats of paint and has smooth faces. Do not refinish expensive antiques by yourself, as they get damaged very easily. Remove all the hardware from the furniture before starting to work on it, as the chemicals might damage it.

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