How do you refinish laminate kitchen cabinets?


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To refinish laminate kitchen cabinets, remove the doors from the cabinets, remove the hardware, sand the surfaces you wish to refinish, clean up the sanding dust, and apply a coat of primer. Paint the cabinets and doors, and carefully reattach the hardware once the paint has dried.

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A 60-grit sandpaper works well with laminate surfaces, and an electric sander can speed up this part of the preparation. Once the sanding is finished, carefully clean the surfaces so no contaminants remain.

Regular masking tape can damage the cabinets' finish, so use blue painter's tape to keep everything tidy. Allow the primer to dry completely before starting to paint; this should take several hours. Two coats of paint gives the best finish.

For a natural finish, use a polyurethane gloss instead of paint. Apply the gloss to the sanded cabinets, and leave it to dry for 12 hours. When it is dry, lightly sand the cabinets, and apply another coat of gloss. Repeat this process for a total of four coats to achieve the best possible finish.

Make sure to work in a well-ventilated area. If bubbles form in the polyurethane gloss, use the tip of the brush to very slowly drag them out.

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