How Do You Refinish Floors?


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Refinishing hardwood floors requires sanding and applying coats of sealer and oil polyurethane. Sealer is an optional choice if the floor absorbs stains in an uneven fashion. The end result should be a glossy shine on the wood floor. You need an orbital sander, a palm sander, rags, 60-grit abrasives, brushes, tack cloth and a roller. Wear gloves, splash guards and goggles while refinishing the floors.

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How Do You Refinish Floors?
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  1. Sand the floor

    Use an orbital sander to sand the floors. Apply coarse-grit abrasives to remove the old finish. Stay away from grits that are harsher than 60. Apply the abrasives to the point where the floor has a smooth surface. Keep the sander level to get an even surface. Sand as if mowing the lawn, and move along in rows.

  2. Clean the baseboard moldings

    Use a palm sander to smooth baseboard moldings, and finish the job by using a sharp scraper to remove untouched areas.

  3. Remove the dust

    Use a tack cloth to wipe away sanded areas. Vacuum where necessary.

  4. Apply the seal

    Test the seal by applying it on an area to be covered by furniture. Use an applicator to spread the sealer evenly. Apply the sealer in a way that covers small areas at a time. Wipe away any extra sealer with a rag.

  5. Apply the polyurethane

    Use a high-density foam roller to spread the polyurethane along the floor. Apply it in a thin fashion. Use a brush to touch up around the floor.

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