How Do You Refinish a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Diving Board?

refinish-fiberglass-swimming-pool-diving-board Credit: VisitBritain/Britain on View/Getty Images

Fiberglass diving boards can be refinished by sanding and applying pool epoxy as long as the wood underneath the fiberglass has not begun to rot. Once the wood begins to rot, the board needs to be replaced.

  1. Remove the board from its pedestal.

    To avoid injury or getting dangerous chemicals in the pool, it is best to detach the board prior to refinishing it. Two people may be necessary to prevent the diving board from falling into the pool. Remove all of the bolts that hold the board to the stand, and carefully remove it, making sure to keep the bolts in a sealed container.

  2. Check for cracks or anything else that makes the wood unstable.

    Underneath the fiberglass is wood, which provides the spring for the board. Check for any signs of rot or cracking in the fiberglass and wood. If the fiberglass coating of a diving board becomes cracked or chipped, water can seep into the wood and cause it to rot. Once the wood has rotted, simply re-applying an epoxy does not repair the board.

  3. Clean the board thoroughly.

    Use a de-greasing agent or detergent to clean the board thoroughly. If the board is dirty, the re-sealing agent may not harden correctly.

  4. Sand the board.

    Sand the board with rough, 90-grit sandpaper.

  5. Apply a pool epoxy.

    Apply two coats of pool epoxy finish. Between coats, allow the epoxy to dry completely. If necessary, apply a third coat for the desired finish.

  6. Reattach the board to its stand.

    Reattach the board using the preserved nuts and bolts. This step is also a good opportunity to replace any rusty ones. If necessary, a second person should help balance the board while it is being reattached.