How Do You Refinish a Coffee Table?

How Do You Refinish a Coffee Table?

How Do You Refinish a Coffee Table?

Refinish your coffee table in just over a day, including drying time, for the look of a brand new table. Gather sandpaper or an electric sander, tack cloth, stain, a paintbrush or stain brush, cloth and polyurethane coating to begin.

  1. Sand the table

    Remove the existing stain along with any watermarks or scratches with sandpaper. An electric sander makes the job go more quickly. Start with a lower grit number for sandpaper and then increase to 220-grit to remove any uneven surfaces. Use the tack cloth to clean any debris from sanding.

  2. Apply the stain

    Use the brush to apply the wood stain. Stroke the stain in the direction of the wood grain. Permit the stain to absorb for a few minutes before removing the excess with a rag. Remember that the darkness of the color depends on the amount of time it spends absorbing into the wood.

  3. Sand and repeat

    Sand the surface and wipe with a tack cloth again. Apply another coat of stain, following the instructions in the previous step. Repeat the staining process at least once more. The color looks more rich with more coats of stain. Sand and wipe after each coat of stain for a smooth surface.

  4. Seal the stain

    Seal the new finish and protect the table with polyurethane coating. Use more coats depending upon the level of use of the table. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application to insure safety and a clean finish.