How Do You Refinish Cabinets?

How Do You Refinish Cabinets?

To refinish kitchen cabinets, remove the hardware and shelves, clean the cabinets, fill gouges with putty, sand the cabinets, stain the wood, and install new hardware. You need mineral spirits, rags, wood putty, a putty knife, sandpaper, a touch-up marker, a paintbrush, wood stain and new hardware.

  1. Remove the hardware

    Carefully remove the hardware and interior shelves of the cabinets.

  2. Clean the cabinets

    Soak a rag in mineral spirits, and use it to wipe down the cabinets.

  3. Fill gouges with wood putty

    Examine the cabinets for scratches, gouges and other surface depressions. Fill the depressions with wood putty, and let the putty dry according to the manufacturer's directions.

  4. Sand the cabinets

    Sand the cabinets with fine sandpaper, and then wipe them with a rag to remove the sanding dust.

  5. Stain the cabinets

    Inspect the cabinets for bald areas where the previous stain has worn away. Treat these areas with a touch-up marker. Using broad, parallel strokes, apply one coat of wood stain to the cabinets with a paintbrush. Let the stain dry according to the manufacturer's directions, and then apply a second coat.

  6. Apply new hardware

    Wait for the second coat of wood stain to dry. Attach the new hardware to the cabinets, and then reinsert the shelves.