How Do You Refinish a Cabinet Yourself?


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Refinishing a cabinet involves preparing the cabinet for painting, painting the cabinet and replacing the cabinet hardware with new hardware. Use a screwdriver, mineral spirit, a rag, primer and sandpaper to complete this task. Paint, a paint brush, polyurethane finish and new cabinet hardware are also handy.

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Preparing the cabinet for refinishing involves unscrewing all hardware pieces including handles and knobs from the cabinet, detaching shelves from the cabinet, then cleaning, sanding, and applying primer to the cabinet. To clean the cabinet, soak the rag with the mineral spirit, and wipe away all dirt, grime, grease and debris off the cabinet. Before sanding the cabinet surface, use wood filler to repair any holes and cracks on the surface, and allow the filler to dry. Use a 200-grit sandpaper to sand off old paint from the surface, and vacuum the surface to remove dust generated from sanding before priming.

Allow the primer to dry, and use the brush to apply a first coat of paint to the surface. Allow the coat to dry, and apply a second coat. Allow the second coat to dry as well. To protect the cabinet from destructive elements, apply a layer of the polyurethane finish on top of the second coat, and allow the polyurethane finish to dry. Attaching the new cabinet hardware to the cabinet completes the process.

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