How Do You Refinish Bathtub Concrete?

How Do You Refinish Bathtub Concrete?

Refinish bathtub concrete by washing the bathtub with an abrasive cleaner, using wet sandpaper to remove dirt, applying a fresh coat of paint and caulking the corners of the tub. You need epoxy, caulk, an abrasive cleaner, an abrasive pad, a paintbrush, a paint roller and sandpaper to complete this project.

  1. Clean the bathtub

    Use a cleaner and degreaser to remove anti-slip strips from the bathtub. Scrub the surface of the tub thoroughly with an abrasive cleaner and scouring pad to remove all dirt and soap scum.

  2. Scrub the bathtub with sandpaper

    Use wet sandpaper to sand the bathtub. Ensure that you remove any dirt or gloss overlooked during the cleaning.

  3. Paint the bathtub

    Mix the epoxy according to the product instructions. Apply the mix to the brush and the roller. Apply two thin coats of paint to the bathtub, making sure to brush in only one direction. Blend the edges as you paint. Apply another light coat of paint and allow the paint to dry. Once the paint dries, follow with another thin coat of paint.

  4. Caulk around the bathtub

    Caulk the corners of the tile walls, around the tub and around any corner shelves. Use denatured alcohol to clean up during caulking.