How Do I Refinish Antique Metal Bed Frames?


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In order to refinish an antique metal bed frames, the paint needs to be stripped from the frame and the iron needs to be polished or repainted. This process requires several necessary items for the restoration, such as plastic sheeting, scissors, duct tape, washing soda, rags, scraper, sandpaper, wire brush, putty knife, beeswax, double boiler and wooden spoon.

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The first step in refinishing an antique metal bed frame is to strip the old paint from it. If the bed frame is going to be repainted, this step isn't necessary unless the old paint is chipped. In order to strip the paint from the frame, the frame needs to be disassembled and soaked in water and washing soda using plastic sheeting and duct tape to create a large, makeshift bag. Once the bag is assembled and the bed frame pieces inside, it's then filled with 1/2 cup washing soda for every 2 gallons of water. The pieces need to soak under the sun for a full day until the paint becomes soft and rubbery. Use a scraper, sandpaper and wire brush to peel off the paint.

The next step is to thoroughly dry all the pieces and then repaint the frame or polish it with beeswax. The beeswax prevents rust and gives the frame a natural shine.

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