Where Do You Find the Refills for the SodaStream System?


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Sodastream refills are available in many local stores, including Walmart, Kohl's and Sears. They are available online from SodaStream and Amazon. Refills include the carbon dioxide cartridge and the flavor syrups.

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The SodaStream device carbonates water the user supplies using a carbon dioxide cartridge. SodaStream operates an exchange program for these cartridges through many of retailers. The user should not use the device to carbonate the drink after he mixes the syrup into the water. He should not attempt carbonating wine or fruit juice with the SodaStream.

SodaStream provides a wide variety of flavors, including some that the Coca-Cola bottling company produces. It supplies these syrups in 500-milliliter bottles. Each bottle produces 12 liters of soda by mixing one cupful of syrup into the bottle of carbonated water. The system requires the use of special bottles the manufacturer supplies with the machine. Consumers have the choice of plastic or glass bottles when buying the device and replacements.

SodaStream offers several environmental advantages. By using tap water, it reduces the fuel distributors use to transport soda. Reusable bottles and carbon dioxide cylinders reduce landfill waste. SodaStream claims many of its syrups have less sugar than name-brand sodas and it offers several sugar-free options. The device produces soda at about half the cost of the name brand prepared sodas.

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