How Do You Refill a Roll-O-Matic Mop?


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To change a Roll-O-Matic mop, press the metal rods at the mop's head to release the old mop head, insert a new sponge head, line the levers up, press the metal rods inwards, and hook the rods into the brackets of the new sponge head. To lock the refill in place, pull the mop handle down.

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When replacing the head, make sure the handle is in the downward position. Place the scrubbing side of the sponge head on the same side as the handle.

To find the correct size of refill for an O-Cedar mop, locate the sizing information on the handle of he mop. Common sizes are 12 inches, 10 inches and 8.5 inches. O-Cedar recommends replacing the mop sponge every three to six months to maintain cleanliness and prevent the spread of bacteria.

To use the mop, dip the sponge head in a cleaning solution, pull the handle to remove excess water and swipe the mop evenly across the floor. For stubborn spots, flip the mop onto its abrasive scrubbing side. The Roll-O-Matic sponge refills are safe for linoleum, marble and ceramic tile floors and characterized by the rolling method used to wring out excess water from the sponge while mopping. Avoid using vinegar or bleach with this mop head.

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