How Do You Reface Fireplace Stones?


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Replacing fireplace stones involves attaching a metal lath to the existing fireplace stones, applying a layer of mortar and cutting out stones using a circular wet saw. The last step involves filling a grout bag about halfway with grout and pressing grout into joints between stones.

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First, cut the metal lath to size, set it aside and use a hammer drill to pre-drill holes into the mortar. Then create a scratch coat by mixing a batch of type M mortar to a creamy consistency. Make sure you use a square-end trowel to apply a thin layer of mortar over the metal lath. Work with upward strokes with the trowel's top edge held slightly away from the surface, so the mortar pushes into the lath. Continue doing this until you cover the entire area, then apply a moderate layer of mortar around the outer edge and press the stone firmly against the scratch coat. As you stack each stone toward the center, make cuts as needed using the angle grinder and mason's hammer. Lastly, use a scrap piece of 2-by-4 to hold up the stone until it cures. Don't forget to remove the scrap wood and wipe off any excess mortar on the stone after the mortar has cured.

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