How Do You Find Reel Repair Parts?

How Do You Find Reel Repair Parts?

Customers can find reel repair parts by visiting the manufacturer or retailer's website, visiting the repair department and searching for parts, notes the Bass Pro Shop, Pflueger and Penn websites. Many manufacturers and retailers also offer professional repair services that allow consumers to drop off or ship in their reels for repair.

To find reel repair parts through the Pflueger website, run through the following steps:

  1. Visit the manufacturer website
  2. Go to the using a Web browser.

  3. Click "Customer Service"
  4. Click on the "Customer Service" link on the top right side of the page.

  5. Click "Warranty & Service"
  6. Click on the "Warranty & Service" tab on the left navigation bar.

  7. Click "Reel Parts"
  8. Click on the "Reel Parts" tab on the left navigation bar.

  9. Search schematics
  10. Identify the reel's model name and click on the "Schematics Listing" link. Click on the model name to view the schematics.

  11. Identify the parts
  12. Review the schematics page and identify the necessary parts.

  13. Gather important information
  14. Before contacting the company to purchase the replacement parts, gather all important information, including the model name, parts needed and quantity of the parts, notes the Pflueger website. The company also recommends that customers have the reel during the ordering process in case additional information is required.

  15. Contact the service center
  16. Contact the service center for the appropriate country to order the necessary parts over the phone.